Ningbo Crysdiam Technology CO., LTD.

Sales and Service Concept
Crystal Diamond Technology always adheres to customer-centricity, and continues to provide full-process, professional products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Main products and application areas
The company is mainly committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of products such as diamond surface nano-functionalization modification, single crystal diamond ultra-precision cutting tools, single crystal diamond growth, diamond abrasive tools and related equipment.
CVD diamond: synthetic diamonds (jewelry), cutting materials, optical materials, semiconductors and electronic devices, etc.
Diamond saw blades, abrasive tools: cutting and processing of stone (granite, marble, etc.), ceramics, brittle materials, composite materials, etc.
Ultra-precision tool: It can process plastic materials (such as non-ferrous metals, gold, silver, plexiglass, various plastic products, etc.), brittle materials (such as silicon, ceramics, glass, etc.), and can meet the requirements of optical surface quality.
Equipment: CVD large single crystal growth equipment, CNC five-axis laser machining center, laser ultra-precision cutting equipment
Others: nano-functionalization modification of diamond surface

Products are exported to more than ten countries and regions in the world such as South America, Egypt, India, Japan, South Korea, etc., and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with many top brands in the world; we will also use our leading technology and industrial chain advantages to continuously promote and apply New materials, entering new fields, leading and meeting changing needs.

Our Commitment
Unlimited innovation, endless service, Jingzhuan Technology pursues customer satisfaction with heart.